Accounting and Tax Solutions for SMEs

Leave the accounting and taxation to us. Our dynamic and young professionals give you the flexibility to concentrate on increasing your sales rather than dealing with the complexity of accounting and taxation.

How we can help you

Accounting and Bookkeeping

Messy books? Delayed financial records? Delayed creditor payments? These are signs of poor accounting and bookkeeping controls. Worry no more. At Taxzona, our professional accountants will take charge of everything. From recording of transactions to preparation of Financial Statements, we got you covered. Gone are the days of delayed external reports because Taxzona will fix your problems at a reasonable cost.

Tax Services

Just received a notice of audit or letter of authority (LOA) from the BIR? Or you just want get rid of the hassle of preparing BIR forms, monthly, quarterly or yearly reports? Then, you need Taxzona’s taxation services. Our tax professionals are not just experts when it comes to taxation, they are living with it.

Payroll Accounting

Avoid the hassle of processing monthly payrolls. Outsource it with us! At Taxzona, we ensure accurate pays and deductions so won’t have to deal with grieving employees. Plus, timely remittance of their deductions is our priority so they will trust you more than ever.

Internal and External Audits

Want an assurance that risk management, governance and internal control processes are operating effectively? If yes, then contact us for internal audit. Or, if you want an opinion as to fairness of the financial statements, our professional and dynamic auditors are here to engage with you.



We don’t settle for less. We ensure that all your financial transactions are accurately recorded so you won’t be messing up your financial reports.


Experience topnotch financial expertise while we bring in the latest accounting technology to improve your business processes.

13 Years of Accounting Experience

We’ve handled clients from various industries. As such, we believe we can give you the best accounting solutions for your business.

Dynamic Young Professionals

From changes in accounting standards to the latest tax regulations, we keep ourselves updated. This will make sure that you will get the most out of us.


Want to discuss your accounting or tax problems with us? Contact us at 09227640289 or send an email at [email protected]. Or you may use the contact form to get a quote.

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